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SenzDigital WebSys is a completely integrated online system developed for Sole Trading, Small / Medium Sized Businesses or Clubs. The integration capabilities of this system enable you to consolidate all your business or club processes into a simple to use and simple to access system. Please contact us if you would like access to a demo of this system.

Front-End Content Management System

A Front-End Content Management System is included with the WebSys Package, and is the default landing page for your customers.The Front-End enables you to build your company's website, add pictures and enable modules like:

  • About Us - Company Information, Contact Details
  • Add This - Social Networking Plugin - Customers can share stuff on Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Facebook - Social Networking Plugin - Find your company on Facebook
  • Products and Services - List your Services here
  • Testimonies - Manage and list your company's testimonies.
  • Partners - Business Partners that help you and you'd like to give some credit for.
  • Blog / Newsletters - This module allows you to create a blog or newsletter for your customers.
  • Gallery / Photos - Upload photos of things your business or club does to the Gallery module.

The ability to add and develop more modules to suit your business can also be arranged with SenzDigital.

Accounting Package

Accounting and Bookkeeping are an essential part of any business. With the Accounting Package you can maintain your business accounts, transactions and other financial information online. The Accounting System automatically integrates with your E-Commerce site to extract sales and other transactions, thereby removing the time needed by you or your finance team to keep your books up-to-date. Other features of the accounting system include:

  • General Journal
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Business Activity Statement
  • Invoice Emailing
  • Credit Management and Automated Reminder notices on overdue accounts
  • Communication Log to keep track of interactions with customers
OpenCart Online Shop

The OpenSource E-Commerce Solution OpenCart is included with SenzDigital WebSys. OpenCart enables you to set up an online shop with little or no effort. There are lots of extensions available for whatever your purposes.


Other Open Source E-Commerce Sites can be used instead of OpenCart, but we highly recommend OpenCart because it is easy to use and has a wide range free themes and modules available.


Version Supported: v2.0.2.0

Costs Involved

Business System Implementation using Default Theme: $300 once off payment

Custom-made Theme for your business: +$200 once off payment

Theme Modifications after implementation: $neg depending on change.


Hosting Options (Charged Annually)

Calculated Annually: Starter is $180 per year, Business is $360 per year and Business Pro is $720 per year. Minimum up-front cost is $480.


If you are providing your own hosting, you can optionally purchase an Upgrade Assurance Subscription for $50 per year. This will ensure that any fixes or bugs that are found are deployed to your website.

Payment Methods

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